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Professional Liability

Malpractice claims are very stressful to the individuals and organizations confronted with them. Vandeveer Garzia has the experience and trained professionals to navigate through various malpractice claims. Over the hundred years of Vandeveer’s existence it has represented professionals from every field including: accountants, chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and podiatrists. It has also represented professional organizations such as nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics.

Records are gathered, reviewed and analyzed. Appropriate experts are obtained. Perhaps, most importantly, the defendant professional is thoroughly prepared to face the questioning of opposing counsel. All of this serves a single purpose: to present a strong defense which, in turn, will lead to a successful outcome. The specialized knowledge of the firm’s attorneys who handle the professional liability claims are an asset in the defense of the claims.

The firm’s years of experience can benefit the professional to minimize the risk of liability exposure. Assisted living centers, nursing homes and other long term care facilities is an area that can particularly benefit from this approach.

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